Faster network communications, greater reliability, and superior overall performance.

Benefit Concepts’ data and applications are housed at Layered Tech, Inc., a certified PCI-compliant data center provider in Kansas City. We utilize virtual machine technology and full redundancy for each infrastructure component to provide high availability within the primary data center and SAN based replication is used to keep all data in sync to our secondary datacenter.

Benefit Concepts, Inc. a division of WageWorks, Inc. closely monitors utilization of all aspects of the WageWorks platform. Increases in application usage are tracked against resource consumption, and reviewed regularly by IT management and application development management for planning purposes. Infrastructure resources monitored include process utilization, memory utilization, I/O activity, application response time, and application availability. These metrics are used in evaluating the impact of application usage on infrastructure resource consumption. Analysis of capacity metrics listed above is reviewed by IT and application development teams for use in capacity planning.

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