Web-Based Benefit Administration

Benefit Concepts offers a Web-based employee benefit administration self-service solution. With separate, feature-filled portals for benefit participants and managers, Benefit Concepts provides employees and employers alike with dynamic, around-the-clock access to their benefit information. Our system is designed to meet all your open enrollment, ongoing enrollment and health and welfare administration needs.

Employee Internet Portal: Allows participants to enroll for benefits and access and update benefit, dependent, and beneficiary information online. They can also access benefit forms and documents and other helpful information such as FAQs.

Manager Internet Portal: Enables managers to review and edit benefit and HR data, make changes as they occur, communicate easily with employees, monitor file transfers and review reports online. This portal is also used to control the content and services offered to benefit plan participants.

Open Enrollment Processing

Our self-service technology allows employees to enroll for benefits at their convenience via the Internet or, if they do not have web access, the Call Center. Accuracy is maximized as "intelligent" menus only offer enrollees the benefit choices they are eligible for.

Ongoing Benefit Eligibility Processing

Benefit Concepts’ year-round enrollment feature handles new hires and changes in family status, dependents, job status, etc. Our technology recognizes changes in payroll and HRIS systems automatically and manages them according to plan design rules. Benefit Concepts also offers participants the ability to self-initiate family status changes through the website.

Personalized Enrollment Worksheets

Pre-enrollment communication is vital to the success of any self-service enrollment system. The Personalized Enrollment Worksheet includes instructions for the self-service system and guides users through the enrollment process. A copy of this worksheet is produced and distributed each time an employee becomes benefit eligible (due to open enrollment, change in status, etc.). An electronic PDF version of the worksheet is stored for use on both the employee and manager portals.

Personalized Confirmation Statements

Each time an employee utilizes the self-service system to perform a transaction, a personalized confirmation statement is printed and distributed to the employee. An electronic PDF version of each confirmation is stored for use on both the employee and manager portals.

PCP Collection and Verification

Benefit Concepts allows employees to enter their numeric PCP selection during the enrollment process or at any point during the year. Benefit Concepts uses carrier-provided files to verify the PCP entry for geographic validity based on the employees' zip codes.

Extensive Data Mapping

Benefit Concepts can transfer data to and receive data from a wide range of support systems, including all payroll, HRIS and insurance carrier systems that have importing and exporting capabilities.

Digital Library

Provides employees with access to documents and communications materials such as summary plan descriptions, benefit workbooks, provider directories and employee handbooks.

Call Center

Benefit Concepts’ dedicated, in-house call center provides comprehensive, real-time support to all users. Our highly trained representatives are available to answer questions, provide information and help with enrollments, claims, payments, etc.


Benefit Concepts’ data and applications are housed at Layered Tech, Inc., a certified PCI-compliant data center provider in Kansas City. We utilize virtual machine technology and full redundancy for each infrastructure component to provide high availability within the primary data center and SAN based replication is used to keep all data in sync to our secondary datacenter.

Benefit Concepts, Inc. a division of WageWorks, Inc. closely monitors utilization of all aspects of the WageWorks platform. Increases in application usage are tracked against resource consumption, and reviewed regularly by IT management and application development management for planning purposes. Infrastructure resources monitored include process utilization, memory utilization, I/O activity, application response time, and application availability. These metrics are used in evaluating the impact of application usage on infrastructure resource consumption. Analysis of capacity metrics listed above is reviewed by IT and application development teams for use in capacity planning.


Benefit Concepts maintains a comprehensive information security program which is approved by executive level management and based on industry best practices. This program includes mandatory physical and logical controls to protect data in compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule, Privacy Rule, and HITECH amendment. These include both physical and logical access control, use of strong encryption when data is in transit and at rest, and document classification, retention and destruction policies which ensure that hardcopies are protected, stored and destroyed in full compliance of relevant laws.

Administrative Process

Here's a look at our streamlined, highly-automated administrative process:

  • Payroll/HRIS files are passed to our via Benefit Concepts’ FTP site in client's format
  • The system recognizes changes in job status such as new hires and terminations
  • An enrollment window is created and employees enroll and/or make changes to their benefits via the Web or the Call Center (it's their choice!)
  • Confirmation statements are mailed to participants' homes
  • Extract files are sent back to P/R or HRIS (deductions) and insurance carriers (eligibility) in client's and carriers' formats
  • Benefit Concepts provides comprehensive, ongoing premium billing and reconciliation

Feature Benefit

Internet access

  • Tremendous convenience.
  • Around-the-clock benefits access.

Dedicated call center

Comprehensive, real-time support for internet users, or users without access to the Web.

Paperless for the employer:

All data is collected and transferred electronically, including payroll deductions and PCP choices.

  • Reduced workload for HR and benefit managers.
  • Keypunching errors minimized, data accuracy maximized.
  • Less time required between enrollment and plan effective date.
  • More accurate and inclusive open enrollments achieved.
  • Allows for direct, uniform and precise data exchange with payroll, HRIS and carrier administration systems.
  • Immediate premium billing possible.

System consistency

Employers can provide the same information and level of service to all employees, regardless of their shift or the time of day.

Online eligibility processing

Data accuracy is maximized since employees are only offered benefits they are eligible for and each of their selections is verified against an eligibility table.

Data cleansing

through the use of personalized worksheets and the call center.

Data verified before use by payroll and HRIS systems. Also, Benefit Concepts can often collect data not previously maintained by the client, including dependent data.

Billing reconciliation

with helpful reporting formats.

Billing accuracy maximized, saving money because there are no unnecessary premium or claims paid.

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