Support Services

Call Center

Benefit Concepts’ Call Center offers participant support between 8:30 am and 9:30 pm, Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. A voicemail is available for any calls outside of business hours. Call Center Representatives are trained to answer client specific questions. Benefit Concepts also has eligibility specialists on hand in the call center to react and resolve eligibility issues quickly. With a defined escalation procedure, and shared client information, Benefit Concepts can proudly say that 85% of issues are handled on the initial call.

Data Integration Services

Benefit Concepts’ Data Integration Services processes more than 50,000 incoming and outgoing files annually. Files are scheduled and automated. Benefit Concepts creates files to match the vendor’s specifications to ensure an accurate file each time. All incoming and outgoing files are scheduled and confirmed, so no data is missed. Each file goes through initial and secondary validation and exceptions are managed by Benefit Concepts . This process ensures our clients that the needed information is going to the right place at the right time, every time.

Minimal interruption and system downtime with weekly production releases guaranteeing a smooth transition.


Benefit Concepts has a dedicated development team to ensure that our proprietary systems are always up to date and running. Benefit Concepts has a somewhat different approach to system updates. Rather than rolling out “versions”, Benefit Concepts has scheduled, weekly production releases to guarantee a smooth transition with minimal interruption and system down-time. Each new enhancement or offering becomes available to all clients upon release, and because our system is proprietary, Benefit Concepts has the flexibility to create a custom service offering for each client.

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